Monday, January 19, 2009

More Fall Fun

Abigail loves to rake leaves and play in the piles.


Okay, better to late than never. Abby had a great Halloween, looking adorable as a little blond Snow White. She had lots of fun with Grandma and Grandpa Bailey. She still keeps asking to go trick or treating again.

Catching up

Hi everyone! I'm sorry its been so long since I posted some pictures! I'm going to try to post a bunch in the next few days. Mike's new job is going well. Here are some pictures of Abby and Mike at a favorite park in early fall.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

More Big News!

Hi everyone,

I'm so impressed that some of you are still reading my blog after several months of no posts!

So we had our ultrasound this morning. . . and the baby looks very healthy and normal . . . and its a BOY! So Grandpa Bailey is very happy today.

I'm so relieved that he looks healthy and normal after that stupid blood test came back positive for an elevated risk for Downs, etc. We knew there are a lot of false positives, but it still makes you nervous.

I have to admit I was kind of hoping for a girl, so I'm just adjusting my reality here. But I'm just so happy he looks good and I already love the little guy. Abby seemed pretty happy when we told her, although earlier she said she wanted a sister. Lately she loves all babies, any flavor.

Mike has just gone down to Kinko's to fax his acceptance letter for the job! Whew, what a day! Another company was saying they wanted to make him an offer too this morning, so we had to choose and that was really hard. But we feel good about our decision. What a huge blessing it is.

Thanks for all your prayers and love! I've got to pack up to go to Mike's parents for the night, but I'll post pictures soon.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Good news!

Hey everyone! Yes, we are still alive here. So sorry I haven't posted forever---its called the stresses of unemployment combined with the joys of morning sickness and exhaustion. We have survived! Mike got a solid job offer today, an opportunity he's really excited about, so we are really relieved. He's actually gone to another interview with a different company right now, but unless they made a good offer today we will take the one we've got, obviously. Yeah! You can't really imagine the relief unless you have experienced this, not that I wish it on any of you.

Tomorrow morning we have an ultrasound, so we'll let you all know if its a boy or girl tomorrow! Bye for now! Will post some cute pictures soon, yeah, yeah, I know you've heard that before. ..

Thursday, November 6, 2008

A little update

Dear friends,
Well, I thought I'd just let you know a few things that are going on with us. First the good news, which I may be a bit premature in announcing, but oh well. I'm pregnant!!!! I'm ten weeks along today. So I know I should probably not be telling yet, but I'm not very good at keeping this secret! I've definately been feeling not the best, but its not as bad and last time. I started taking a supplement called Superfood Plus that really helped within about two days of starting it. We are really excited to have another baby and a sibling for Abby.

Now the bad news, I'm sorry to say that Mike is losing his job. His company decided to shut down the networking part of their business here in Salt Lake City, and Mike was given the choice to either move to Kansas City or Omaha or be laid off. We were really shocked. We knew things were slow, but thought they were going to give the sales guys at least six more months to get things going. Guess not. As most of you know, we just moved back here to be closer to family, especially Mike's parents who are getting older and whose health is not always the best. So we decided not to agree to relocate, feeling pretty confident that Mike could get another job here. Well, things aren't going too well. There was a great opportunity at Zions Bank that we thought Mike was going to get because they kept telling him he was the top candidate and should be expecting an offer soon. Then they came back and said they chose another person after all. Mike talked to so many people in the last couple weeks and had many interviews, but now everyone is coming back saying they don't want to hire right now, or whatever they decide to say when they don't want you. Its very discouraging and scary. We have some savings and can last a few months, but our rent is pretty high, which was fine before but not now. Our lease isn't up until April, but if Mike can't find something in the next month or two I guess we'll have to see if our owners will try to find new renters and let us end the lease early so we don't drain all our savings on the rent and have nothing left for moving somewhere. I guess we can move back in with my family for a while if neccessary. Either that or go back to MSI and say we want to relocate after all, or maybe go back to Obsidian in Oregen, who would love to have Mike back. But I'm sure they'd expect us to make a committment to stay there forever or something.
Anyway, I don't really see why I shough hide all this from my friends and family. We could really use your faith and prayers on our behalf during this stressful time. Mike is especially struggling. I will try to do a more cheerful post soon and put up some great pictures I've got. I'm really trying to stay positive and stuff.
Abby is cute as ever and getting bigger and more amazing and fun every day. We're sure blessed to have her and each other. I know things will work out somehow. Hope you are all doing well,
Love you, Rachel

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Perfect Fall Day

Yesterday we went up Provo canyon for a picnic lunch to celebrate my Mom's birthday. It was such a beautiful day! Sorry I haven't posted forever, and I still need to put up pictures from our vacation. Things have been a little crazy around here. My Abby is getting so big!